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Rocambole Garlics

The garlics for sale on this page belong to the Rocambole hardneck garlic variety. Rocamboles are well known for their wonderful, robust, well-rounded, true-garlic flavour. They have loose skins which make them easy to peel. Bulbs can be large and characteristically have 8 to 12 cloves. Given the right conditions, particularly the right amount of water, the strains we are offering produce superb bulbs. All have reddish brown skins covering the individual cloves. The bulb wrappers often have red, pink or purple stripes when they are first harvested. If the scapes are left on to mature Rocamboles typically produce 15 to 30 good sized bulbils.

Restrictions on Quantities

We have limits on the maximum number of bulbs per order for each strain (cultivar) of garlic so that our limited supply of garlic is shared among our customers. You may order the limit for each size when there is more than one size available.


**When you exceed the maximum for an item that item is voided and shows in your cart as zero dollars and will not be included in your order.**


We consider Rocamboles to be "collectors garlics" because they are very appealing and a challenge for us to grow consistently, year in and year out, in our location.


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