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Weakly Bolting Hardnecks

The garlics for sale on this page are weakly bolting hardnecks and belong to the sub-species Allium sativum ophioscorodon. Weakly bolting hardneck varieties are Asiatic, Creole and Turban. Many of the strains of garlic came to us without classification information and so we have made a best guess as to the variety when we could.

A weakly bolting hardneck is a garlic that may have a stalk that is less woody than the standard hardnecks or may not have a stalk at all, depending on conditions. A single bed will often have bulbs with and without stalks. Where we have observed this behaviour and are not sure of the classification we have simply labeled the garlic strain as a weakly bolting hardneck.

Asiatics have a long beak on the umbel of the bulbil capsule and a few large bulbils. Turban garlics have many smallish bulbils.

Restrictions on Quantities

We have limits on the maximum number of bulbs per order for each strain (cultivar) of garlic so that our limited supply of garlic is shared among our customers. You may order the limit for each size when there is more than one size available.


**When you exceed the maximum for an item that item is voided and shows in your cart as zero dollars and will not be included in your order.**


We consider Weakly Bolting Hardnecks to be "collectors garlics" because they are very appealing and a challenge for us to grow consistently, year in and year out, in our location. Many of them are naturally small or normally small in our zone 4 climate. If they are smaller than we like to sell as full size we will add bonus bulbs to make up the value.



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