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The Garlic News


We welcome the new garlic growers’ publication, The Garlic News. When the Garlic Newsletter folded with the June 2004 edition the garlic community lost a valuable forum and so we are happy to help get the word out to garlic growers that The Garlic News has stepped into that gap.

Boundary garlic is not involved in any way with the publication or editorial policy of The Garlic News. All business – subscriptions, advertising, letters to the editor and articles - should be directed to Paul Pospisil, Managing Editor of The Garlic News. What follows is a description of the new publication by Paul. We are also providing a printer friendly subscription form as a courtesy.

Henry and Sonia



The Garlic News

connecting the Canadian Garlic Network!

Paul and Mary Lou Pospisil
producers of The Garlic News


You are invited to participate in THE GARLIC NEWS, a Canadian publication just for garlic lovers. It is a garlic growers’ publication, written by garlic growers for garlic growers

The wealth of information includes articles on growing garlic for commercial growers and home gardeners, organics, soil building, getting better yields, the garlic harvest, marketing information, results of growing trials and garlic research, the latest in new garlic strains, garlic festivals, field days and events, marketing ideas, the best garlic recipes, notes on garlic and health, garlic and your pet, garlic in your garden, special columns, guest articles, garlic news from across Canada and much more.

Four Times a Year! The News will continue to come out four times a year, the issues being planned to reach you in time for the four garlic seasons: planting; winter planning; spring tasks, and the summer harvest.

You will find garlic information just not available anywhere else!

Keep in touch with garlic growers from one end of Canada to the other!

The Garlic News makes a fine birthday or special occasion gift for your gardening friends. They will just love it!

.....the COST .....just $20.00 for one year of four issues, $40.00 for eight issues. Outside Canada, $24.00 USD for four issues, UK addresses $28.00 for four issues. To keep a complete information set, back issues are available at $5.00 for a single copy or $22.00 for the first year bound set.

Print and fill out the printer friendly subscription form and send it with your cheque or money order payable to:

Paul Pospisil, Editor, The Garlic News
3656 Bolingbroke Road
Maberly, Ont., K0H 2B0
Phone: 613-273-5683
E-mail: garlicnews (at) kingston.net. (SPAM control measure: please type email using @, not (at))

ps. Ads and Directory Listings from garlic growers and garlic-relevent organizations are accepted. Ask for information.

>>For a summary of Paul's advice on growing garlic see his article "Any Home Gardener Can Grow Garlic".


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