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Softneck Garlic Varieties

Sicilian Gold garlic bulbs


Recent changes in the understanding of the relationships between different garlics has led to there being five more varieties than there were when this website was first set up. This page  features the softneck garlic varieties which belong to the sub-species Allium sativum sativum. There are two varieties of softneck, Artichoke and Silverskin. Garlics that were sold to us as Artichokes or that are so similar to these that we are sure they are Artichokes have been so labeled. We also have several small softnecks which we presume are silverskins because they are unlike our model Artichokes; however, we don't know as they arrived unclassified and so we have just called them small softneck garlics.

The small softnecks are all excellent keepers. The large Artichoke softnecks may be difficult to cure without opening the wrappers at the top to let the moisture out.

The weakly bolting harneck varieties Asiatic, Creole and Turban (sub-species Allium sativum ophioscorodon), which sometimes appear with soft necks (no scape), have their own web page.

For more discussion of garlic varieties see the introduction on our garlic varieties page and the article on the Garlic Family Tree by Bob Anderson of the Gourmet Garlic Gardens. 


Softneck Varieties of Seed Garlics



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Garlic Varieties

Garlic Family Tree
For more information on the relationships between the garlic varieties see Bob Anderson’s The Garlic Family Tree and Where Garlic Came From from the Gourmet Garlic Gardens website.
Artichoke Garlic - Organic Seed

Inchelium Red   

Inchelium Red is a softneck, probably of the Artichoke variety, from Washington State. It has a pleasant, mild taste. Inchelium Red is listed In the Seeds of Diversity Canada catalogue of heritage varieties.

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Artichoke Garlic - Organic Seed

Nootka Rose - sold out for 2018

A small softneck from Al Picketts of Eureka Garlic on Prince Edward Island. This is a good braiding garlic.

2018 limit 100 bulbs maximum per order


Artichoke Garlic - Organic Seed

Sicilian Gold  

Sicilian Gold is a medium strength garlic with a pleasant flavour. It came to us from Salt Spring Seeds. It has consistently produced large softneck bulbs, probably of the Artichoke variety.

2018 limit 100 bulbs maximum per order

Artichoke Garlic - Organic Seed

Western Rose

Western Rose is a lovely small softneck from Salt Spring Seeds.

2018 limit 100 bulbs maximum per order

Note on Flavours
Please take our comments on flavour with a generous pinch of salt. The apparent strength and flavour of a strain of garlic is an individual perception. Different people under the same circumstances can have diametrically opposed views on the palatability and heat of a strain of garlic.
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